Bin Freshener

Everybody knows it! Opening the trash can release unpleasant odours.

This is exactly where the Swif Bin Freshener is used. In addition to a standard variant with a single chamber, the freshener has an improved effect, based on a specially developed, innovative double chamber, and eliminates penetrating odours.

You will mainly convince your customers through the practical and easy use! First, the Bin Freshener is attached to the inside of the waste bin lid by the integrated adhesive point, since there is where it has the best effect. After peeling off the activating film, a pleasant fragrance of citrus fruits, for example, is emitted.

Depending on the temperature, the freshener effect lasts up to 5 weeks. It can be replaced as soon as the fragrance intensity decreases or when the liquid is used up. The customer can check the fill level at all times through the transparent Swif membrane. This ensures satisfaction when using our product. Special shapes, designs and fragrances can be matched to your wishes by our competent product developers.

We look forward to working with you!

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