Closet Freshener

The Swif Closet Freshener provides a pleasant freshness in the wardrobe and gives a nice, fresh air to your clothes for at least 3 months. The application is very simple. Remove the aluminium foil of the freshener and place the freshener in the cup. The freshener already begins to release its fragrance. All Swif scent gels are delivered with label-free fragrances and also offer increased child safety through the use of Bitrex®. Bitrex® prevents accidental swallowing due to its special combination of bittering agents. The Swif Closet Freshener can be refilled as often as desired. It is preferably sold as single or double packs. Due to use in the wardrobe, this product has practically no seasonality and is an excellent alternative to traditional fragrance pillows. By using 6 g of highly concentrated perfume oil, the intensity of a Swif Closet Freshener is the same as that of at least 6 standard fragrance pillows.

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