Dishwasher Freshener

We offer the Swif Dishwasher Freshener in different versions. In addition to the single chamber and double chamber system, the innovative Dishwasher Freshener with odour absorber particularly stands out due to its mode of action. This variant is based on a natural granulate, which is incorporated into the specially developed absorber brick.

Each of our Dishwasher Fresheners emits a pleasant fragrance of freshness and cleanliness. Our goal: To permanently bind and eliminate odours! Our handling – very simple.

The freshener can be easily attached inside the dishwasher either by means of a hook directly on the freshener or by using a holder on the reusable cup. The Swif Dishwasher Freshener is then automatically activated through the biodegradable, self-releasing protective film during the first wash cycle. This removes the bothersome need to remove the activation film.

Given that around 2/3 of all households in Germany have a dishwasher, this product has great sales potential. As the inventor of the liquid dishwasher freshener, as it is nowadays, your contract manufacturing as well as your private label products are in the best of hands with us.

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