Dryer Freshener

The Swif Dryer Freshener is based on a membrane technology that has been specially developed for this area. Unlike conventional dryers, the membrane sleeve, combined with the fragrance case, protects the perfume composition from the high heat of the dryer. Based on the function of the membrane, fragrance is distributed to the laundry over the entire drying cycle, thus allowing for maximum fragrance absorption. Tests have shown that the laundry gives off intensive fragrance for more than 5 weeks.

The Dryer Freshener is activated once and placed in the dryer, where it releases its maximum freshness up to 25 drying cycles. Our established fragrances for this product range are based on intensive market research, which we carried out together with one of the most renowned fragrance houses. Because of its special design, the Swif Dryer Freshener can simply dwell in the drum between the drying cycles. Between drying cycles, the membrane enters a kind of resting state, and is only 100% activated when heat is applied.

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