Laundry Perfume (beads)

The Swif Laundry Perfume is the private label counterpart to the brand. The filling capacity of our standard bottle size of 275 g is sufficient for at least 15 uses and is simply put into the drum for washing. Due to homogeneous distribution of the perfume in the material of the pastilles, new fragrance is released continuously up to the end of the wash cycle. Your laundry comes out of the washing machine even fresher. This patented product is manufactured in Germany and marketed exclusively by Swif.

Together with you, we are happy to develop your private label variant to expand your washing, cleaning and detergent product range. Alternatively, we can also provide a smaller bottle size to fit into your product range. To be on par with the international brand products, our fragrance experts have developed high-performance fragrances, which guarantee a long adhesion period of the Swif Laundry Perfume on the laundry.

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