Laundry Perfume (liquid)

With 200 ml, the liquid Swif Laundry Perfume is suitable for at least 20 uses and is simply put into the drum for washing. Alternatively, a splash of the product can also be applied to a cloth, which is then put in the dryer. The product then releases its fragrance particularly well. If the product is used in the washing machine, it can be used instead of a classic fabric softener as long as the pure fragrance is in the foreground. However, you can also use the product as a complement to detergents and fabric softeners to boost the effect of a fragrance. To be on par with the international brand products, our fragrance experts have developed high-performance fragrances, which guarantee a long adhesion period of the Swif Laundry Perfume on the laundry.

Alternatively, the liquid Laundry Perfume can also be obtained using encapsulation technology. Additional fragrances are released by rubbing onto the laundry, which again heightens the basic intensity of the laundry perfume.

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