Laundry Scent Liquid Tabs

The Swif Laundry Scent Liquid Tabs complete the assortment of beads or liquid. Put a cap filled with high-quality perfume into the empty washing machine, add laundry, dispense detergent (and softener) and start the machine. The laundry receives an additional freshness boost.

One pack, with childproof closure, includes 15 pods of 5ml each. The caps are suitable for all washable textiles as well as microfiber, sports and functional clothing.

This product is made in Germany and distributed exclusively by Swif.

Together with you, we are happy to develop your private label variant to complement your washing, cleaning and detergent range. Alternatively, we can also offer customized packaging units to meet your assortment. Our fragrance experts have developed high-performance perfumes that guarantee a high degree of adhesion of the Swif Laundry Scent Liquid Tabs to the laundry in order to compete with international branded products.