Mini Aerosol

Unpleasant odours are uncomfortable. No matter whether they are in public areas, such as WCs or wash rooms, or in private areas. Remove odours from others or yourself with the Swif Mini Aerosol and never again feel uncomfortable before or after using the WC.

Use your spray. Nothing strange. No wondering about who used the spray before. Practical and discreet. The easy handling, the yield and the space-saving concept make the fragrance spray unique.

In addition, the spray was developed on a pure water basis, making it environmentally friendly and safe. Because of the water emulsion, no flammability is possible, as is the case with solvent-based room sprays. Can be kept in your handbag, glove compartment, backpack or toiletry bag. Easy to handle. Ready for immediate use. Environmentally friendly. Favourite fragrance always on hand. No smearing. Suitable for everyday use. Discreet. Personal.

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