Reed Diffuser Glass Bottle

Our Swif Reed Diffuser Glass Bottle creates a unique world full of creativity and inspiration. Thanks to their simple elegance, they fit perfectly into any environment. Combined with high-quality diffuser sticks and specially developed decorative clasps, it gives the Swif Reed Diffuser a very special touch.

The art is often in the detail. Thus, our fragrance compositions are developed from the beginning hand in hand with perfumers of the world’s largest perfume houses. We at Swif ensure optimal rotation on your shelf right from the start. It starts with simple handling of our goods, thanks to labelling freedom and optimal consulting. We then work with you to develop a special and exclusive perfume concept for your retail brand with top-selling fragrances.

On request, the Swif glass bottles can be given a special finish, printed or labelled. All according to your wishes.

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