Reed Diffuser Porcelain Vase

A bouquet of freshly cut flowers or rather the unique fragrance of the evening twilight with its sweet aromas? Swif’s fine room fragrances emit the character of classic fragrances, inspired by natural essences.

Our high-quality and elegantly designed porcelain vases harmonise with all furnishing styles of your customers. The top quality diffuser sticks provide an ideal fragrance experience from day one. The Swif fragrance compositions are specially adapted to the respective market conditions by the world’s best perfume houses since your customer, their creativity and inspiration are our focus. Based on years of experience in the field of consumer research and product development, you can count on the reliability of our products. We can fulfil your desires for fragrance, intensity and durability. Scented vases are especially used for living rooms and bedrooms, and are their market significance is steadily growing in Western, Central and Southern Europe.

As a contract manufacturer and private label supplier, we are happy to work on a suitable portfolio for you.

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