Room Perfume Wooden Diffuser

Give your customers a world of the finest fragrances in their own home. The Swif Room Perfume Wooden Diffuser is a scented vase with very special properties. Thanks to the specially developed wood-glass bottle design, this product combines the modern aesthetics of a perfume bottle with the characteristics of a room freshener.

Fine perfume compositions, which remind you of your favourite fragrance from the field of fine perfumery, are delivered to the room’s air for three months. This is a leak-proof scented vase variant, which is especially used in bathrooms and WCs.

Due to the capillary effect of this special type of wood, your bath will be transformed into your oasis of well-being. This combination of natural FSC wood and glass is an innovative Swif product that stands for the ecological properties of air fresheners.

In combination with a biodegradable perfume composition, this product is an excellent alternative to classic room fragrances, which meets ecological requirements.

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