Scent Sticks

The Scent Sticks from Swif are an innovation of the latest generation.

High-quality sticks available in desired colours are the next generation of the scented vase.  This product has none of the properties that were previously considered a disadvantage of the scented vase. With this specially developed scenting technology, Swif has created a product that cannot leak and that can add fragrance to a complete room within 60 seconds. And it lasts up to 4 weeks. In addition, no unnecessary solvents are used, making this product more ecological than a conventional scented vase. Since product safety is one of our core objectives, this product is completely safe for children, thanks to Bitrex and the liquid-free application. It can be neither swallowed nor spilled.

You can either choose from our standard range or you can order the fragrances you wish. We are happy to help. The application areas of this technology are very broad and can also further develop your product range.

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