Scented Car Sticks

The Swif Scented Car Sticks, shown in a practical pack of 3, are based on a completely new and innovative scent technology – the pre-infused technology. Thanks to this manufacturing process, it is possible to work with highly concentrated aromatic oils and it is still a product which is 100% leak-proof. The polymer mass inside the sticks is equipped with a high-performance perfume, which adds intense fragrance to every car and every other small space for up to 3 weeks per stick. The product design was deliberately chosen to be small and unobtrusive so as not to impair visibility of the road traffic.

The small perfumed fragrance sticks are fitted with a plastic eyelet as well as a rubber band and can be easily attached to the rearview mirror. The range of colours and fragrances is almost unlimited. From new car to authentic leather, all customer preferences can be served.

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