Scented Hanger

The Swif Scented Hanger is an innovation of the latest generation. The end customer can combine the high-quality, fragrance sticks, which are available in the desired colour, with the fragrance etui for a self-created fragrance experience. With this specially developed scenting technology, Swif has created a product which is not able to leak and which can release fragrance in a complete wardrobe within a very short time. The effect lasts for 5 weeks. Since product safety is one of our core objectives, this product is completely safe for children, thanks to Bitrex® and the liquid-free application. It can be neither swallowed nor spilled.

You can either choose from our standard range or you can order the fragrances you wish. We are happy to help. The application areas of this product range include handbags, wardrobes, baths and shoe cabinets. We would be happy to develop a suitable Swif private label concept for your product range.

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