Sola Flower Diffuser

The Swif Sola Flower Diffuser is especially captivating because of its elegance and beauty. This symbolises the purity of nature and magically turns the bottle into an object of aesthetics and sensual grace. Inspired by the individual hand of an artist. With a lot of finesse, the naturally gained fibres are cut out and bound to a magical flower. Through the integrated natural fibre wick, the valuable Swif perfume compositions are sucked into the flower to emit their fine spirit into the room’s air. The flower’s colour also appears after a few days. Through the natural capillary action of the Sola plant, each flower is individually coloured in the colours of the fragrance composition. The Sola is particularly effective in transparent glass bottles. But finely satin-finished surfaces or a high-quality lacquer finish also give this product its necessary elegance. For our Sola Flower Diffuser, we recommend bouquet fragrances with shimmering nuances of flowers.


Illustration of the colouring in fast motion:

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