Vacuum Freshener

Unpleasant odours can also arise while using the vacuum cleaner. Our Swif Vacuum Freshener counteracts this so your customers can experience the wonderfully fresh scent of spring cleaning, for example.

The application is very simple! The granules are sprinkled on the floor and vacuumed. The fragrance intensity of the Swif Vacuum Freshener can be easily controlled as you wish by vacuuming more or fewer granules. In addition to a variant of renewable raw materials, we also offer a dyed granulate variant. Both systems are equally powerful.

By swirling the pellets inside the vacuum cleaner, the fragrance beads are activated so that each suction process becomes a lasting fragrance experience. The Swif Vacuum Freshener can be used for bag vacuum cleaners and bagless vacuum cleaners. This makes vacuum cleaning fun, with it becoming the purest aroma experience. Our fragrances can be individually tailored to you!