Wax Pearls & Warmer

The Swif Wax Pearls are the next generation of the classic fragrance oils and a further application of the classic wax cube. The very appealing pastilles give the end user a safe, easy-to-dose and wax-based scenting technology. The customer can use these beads infinitely to determine the intensity and composition of his perfume creation. This product is offered in a transparent, attractive container with a child safety lock. Furthermore, Bitrex® is added to the beads to prevent unintentional swallowing. The Swif Wax Pearls are simply placed in the Warmer. The tea light is lit and the aroma fragrance composition immediately dissipates in any desired room of any size. A unit with 25 g of beads is enough for about 96 hours of fragrance. Fragrances such as vanilla, lemon grass, orange or bouquet fragrances are among the standards in this area. There are no limits to your imagination with regard to your own fragrance creation.

The Swif Warmer has been specially developed for our Wax Pearls. The Warmer can be packed in a set with Wax Pearls or offered individually with stickers in a display box. The Swif Warmer can also be used with traditional fragrance wax or with fragrance and essential oils.