Fridge Freshener

Our Swif Fridge Freshener is an active carbon-based odour neutraliser. Thanks to the enormous internal surface area of the active carbon, this small miracle product can absorb and retain unpleasant odours within the shortest time period. Thus, the inner surface area of ​​1 g of active carbon is between 300 and 2,000 m². This demonstrates the enormous absorbing capacity of the material.

Due to different temperature zones on the inside, there is constant air circulation between slightly warmer and cooler areas. This makes the Swif Fridge Freshener suitable and it thus binds the unpleasant odours, which flow through the active carbon fleece.

The application is very simple. Insert the active carbon fleece in the basket and place it in the refrigerator. Already finished. The fleece should be replaced after about 6 weeks. The basket can be refilled as often as desired.

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