Odor Eliminator

With this multi-talent, Swif is striving for a holistic approach since it is used wherever it should smell good. Whether in wardrobes, chests, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the rubbish bin or in the car – thanks to the residue-free, removable adhesive point and included hook, the Odor Eliminator can be easily installed anywhere. In addition, it is a safe fragrance that cannot leak.

Once the activating foil is removed, the freshener evenly emits its fragrance for up to 6 weeks. Depending on the area of ​​application, the fragrance can be developed by perfumers in such a way that the Swif Odor Eliminator fulfils its optimal purpose.

The product is especially popular for use in cars and WCs. For cars, we recommend fragrances that evoke freshness and well-being, such as vanilla, lemon or apple. For the WC, we recommend fragrances with light citrus nuances or cotton, reminiscent of freshly washed clothes.

Our core competence, the proven membrane technology, thus promises a long-lasting and safe fragrance experience for your customers.

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